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During the Night

8 PM:  She was excited. Tonight was the night. For two weeks she’d looked forward to it. Her eyes glanced at the mirror. The long blond hair curled around her neck - Awesome.  The smokey-brown colors of the make-up matched perfectly to her blue eyes. Fabulous. The sweet red dress completed her style. Magnificent! But she had put on weight since she’d bought it. What if he thought she wouldn’t be skinny enough?

“You look beautiful, Sam. The dress makes you look very sexy.”, her Friend Abby said and smiled. Abby was a tall and skinny girl with big beautiful eyes which look like the ones of a fawn. Samantha noticed her staring at her tummy. Suddenly she felt very uncomfortable. 

“Thanks.”, she answered cautiously. Then they went in the living room where her other friends were already waiting.  The less noised conversations stopped when they were entering.  

“Hi guys.” She started hugging one by one of her friends. It seemed like they hadn’t been all together for ages. Matt shook his head when he was the next in line.

“Sorry, Sam, I caught a cold yesterday. I don’t want you to become infected.”, he smiled politely. Samantha returned the smile while nodding insightfully. He was such a responsible person. She really liked him a lot.

“It’s okay, Matt.”, she said, “I’m glad you decided to come after all.” Her heart skipped a beat as she sat down next to him.

10 PM: The Party slowly started to become more enjoyable. Probably because everyone had a few drinks. Everyone accept Samantha. Not only because she was the host but also for the simple reason that she didn’t like being drunk. Two days ago Abby had convinced her to arrange a little beginning-of-sommerholidays-celebration. Tongue in cheek because her parents were on a trip to Italy this weekend.

Standing in the kitchen she was in order to make some new dip for the crisps. Some vegetables were waiting for being chopped. Matt entered the room. She looked up and smiled. He grinned.

“You’re a good host, did you know that?” His hand touched her arm slightly. It was giving her the creeps. “If I hadn’t caught a cold, I would lend a hand to you.” She heard a big laughter which was coming out of the living room. It seemed like they were having a lot of fun in there.

“No worries.” She stirred up the dip. “Made it! I don’t think that vegetables are in demand on a party. Maybe I should it leave it here.”  She glanced up. Suddenly he turned away……

“Atishoo…!”, he sneezed in his elbow.  She jumped with fright.

“My Godness, Matt!”, she said breathless, “ Bless you!”

“Thanks.” He smiled and put his arm around her. “We should go back to the crowd.”  In the living room the friends were going to start one of their favorite party games: ‘I’ve Never’. The Person who had a turn has to say something he’d never done before.  The part of the group who had already done it had to take a slug out of their glasses.

Abby started:  “I’ve never done parachuting.” Scott her boyfriend took a slug.

12 PM: “I’ve never kissed somebody’s boyfriend or girlfriend.” Matt said grinning. The rest was in a good mood, too. But Sam began to wonder if they hadn’t drunk enough for that moment. Even because the sentences in the game were getting more and more inappropriate.  It wasn’t funny any longer. But she couldn’t think about it anymore – It was her turn now.

“I’ve never been to Chicago.” She said while she was staring at her orange juice.

“Oh - come on…”, Abby said disappointed, “That’s boring. Take something more amusing – Well, how about: I’ve never had sex in…”

“Stop it, Abby.”, Samantha was getting a little angry. “I think this is getting out of control.” She should have known that throwing a party with alcohol wouldn’t have been a good idea.

“You’re such a party popper!”, her friend replied. “Why do you take your bad mood out on us? We can’t help it when you aren’t satisfied with yourself.” Sam’s eyes widened. This was definitely getting out of control.

“What do you mean by that?” She was trying to calm down. But she felt her heart racing. Why did it have to turn out like that?

“Hell, we all notice you are going to get a little plump. But you know what? It’s not our fault.” Sam could see a spark of malicious glee in her friend’s eyes. Tears flooded her eyes. But she tried to gulp it back.

“I’m not putting up with this.” While saying the last words she turned around and walked toward her bed room.

2 AM: After weeping a lot of tears she finally stopped it and dried her eyes with a handkerchief.  There wasn’t any noise to hear. Maybe her friends were already gone. Somehow she prayed for it. Suddenly someone knocked on the door. There was no need to answer because the door opened in the next moment.

“Hey Sam, how are you?” It was Scott – Abby’s boyfriend. He gave her a worried expression. But she noticed his red-rimmed eyes. Probably he had a couple of drinks more than he should have. He sat down next to her.

“Well…”, he began, “If you ask me your figure is pretty hot.” He smiled and gave her a hug. What the hell was going on? But she didn’t have the time to think about it because he continued: “You shouldn’t give a damn about Abby. She is jealous. She knows that she’ll never have these female humps like you have. Men go insane for it, trust me.”

His hand started to stroke her waist. Things were definitely getting weird. She felt his breath on her skin and noticed he was getting closer and closer. Carefully she turned her head in his direction and had a scare – His face was only a few inches away from hers. She jumped to her feet. She left really confused the room wondering where Abby was now.

As she entered the living room she got upset. Nobody was around and there was a lot of trash lying on the floor: bags of crisps, crisps, empty bottles and even broken glasses. She couldn’t believe her eyes. Unfortunately a chair was broken, too. How should she explain it to her parents? She didn’t have a clue.

She walked into the kitchen to get a hand brush. But what she saw in there was worse than the destroyed living room: Open-mouthed she was staring at Abby kissing Matt. Her Matt. Abby knew Samantha had a crush on him – so why did she do that?

“I want you to get out of my house!”, she said. The two kissers looked surprised to her.

10 AM, the next day: As she woke up in her bed she started to think about the development of the evening and got sad. Everything changed in a couple of hours. The evening was a proof of the bad influence of alcohol. She felt vindicated of not drinking it. Slowly she got up. There was a lot of work to do. Her parents would be home for dinner.

After taking a shower she checked her mobile phone. She’d gotten ten calls in absence and one new message. It was from Abby:

“Hey sweetie – you slept well? Please don’t tell Scott about the kiss last night. You know I really love him and don’t want to lose him. By the way – You should start dating Matt he’s kinda into you. I talked to him about you. Kisses, Abby.”

And she couldn’t make anything of this.

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