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At the End of the Rainbow

“Haley, Haley, Haley”, he said totally feistily as he was bounding to his big sister, “What is this pretty colorful painting in the sky? It looks so beautiful.”  He, almost five years old, took Haley’s hand and wanted to tug her to the floor-to-ceiling windows. Slightly irritated she followed him wondering why he couldn’t let her alone at least for just one hour.
“Luc, I already told you that I’ve a bigger fish to fry than looking after you! What’s the matter now?”, she seemed a little stressed and although Lucas understood that she was doing very difficult homework for physics he really had to know what it was about. Directly he raised his finger and pointed at the multicolored banana in the sky.
“What is that?”, he answered her question slowly with a question so that his sister looked up. Suddenly a smile appeared in her face, and then she started to stroke his sandy hair while she was staring dreamily out of the window.
“Well, Sweetie”, she began, “When sun and rain are showing up at the same time there will be a rainbow. It’s one of the most beautiful phenomena that Mother Nature has given to us.”
“And where is the end of the rainbow?” Luc’s curiosity was aroused. Without noticing he’d pressed his nose on the glass.
“Nobody has found it yet but a couple of old stories say that there might be a treasure at the end of the rainbow. So maybe you’ll find it someday.” She gave him a kiss on his forehead before she walked away in her bedroom. When she was gone Lucas sat down at his desk and began to draw rainbows imagining which treasure would probably be there.

It was a cold and rainy day when they moved in their new home. The unfamiliar city seemed in any sort frightening because there were congested streets with buildings almost as huge as giants. Overwhelmed he pressed his tiny body closer to his mother.
“Why did we have to come here, Mum?” He looked upwards searching his mother’s eyes but she pretended she couldn’t hear him. Well maybe she didn’t hear him indeed because all the many cars were making a lot of noise. While stepping up the stairs, which were squeaking continuously, he noticed the apartment house, where they would live in, was dark and claustrophobic whereas their old home had looked friendly and open spaced. Finally they arrived at the fifth floor. The nameplate on number 349 showed an unknown name to him. Even if he wasn’t able to read or write he already knew how his own one had to look like, so probably it was the one of the previous tenant. His mother unlocked the door and the dwelling was just the same as he’d expected: dark and narrow. Lucas already missed his hometown; especially his bedroom and his friends, but mostly he pined after her although he knew she would never come back.
“That’s it, cutie-pie! Welcome to our new home”, his mum expressed it just half as pleased as she wanted it to. “Let’s take a look to your bedroom.” She opened one of the doors which branched away the corridor. When the light turned on Lucas could see that it was very small.
“Which paint do you want to have on the wall?”, while asking she kneeled down and looked into his eyes. There was no glance in hers and it hadn’t been there for a long time. The little boy considered whether his current favorite color was red or blue and then he shrugged his shoulders.
“Okay, Luc. Daddy will be here on Tuesdays, so there are two days left to decide it.”

The next morning Lucas went to his new kindergarten. Because the other kids weren’t interested in him, he uses his free time for drawing. The boy really loved this activity since he’d noticed he didn’t give thoughts to it as much as he would while doing other stuff. When his mother was picking him up his kindergartener took her aside.
“I’m anxious about your son, Misses Brown.”, unsmiling she tried to reveal, “He hasn’t spoken a word the whole day and the only thing he did was drawing rainbows. Do you have any clue what it means?”
He couldn’t hear what his mother replied because he embosomed the paintings as if they were the most precious items worldwide and ran away; but before he could reach the door his mother caught him.
“Lucas, sweetheart, what has come over you?”, gasping for air she clasped him in her arms. “I know that it wasn’t simple for you the last weeks but we have to go on.” She held him tight and suddenly tears filled his eyes although he didn’t mean to.
“I want to have a rainbow on the wall of my room”, he cried out loud. As a consequence his mother nodded.
“Alright.”, she answered heavy-hearted. “That’s alright… Everything will be okay.”

When Lucas and his mother came home on Wednesday evening his father was just in act of painting the rainbow on Lucas’ wall. The lad was so happy to see it that he asked if he could finish it on his own. Because the parents just wanted to see their son this way a little longer they agreed and left him alone. At tall hours Luc went to his parents to tell them he coped with the painting. Wondering what could have taken that long, because he had been working on it for nearly four hours, they entered the bedroom and their hearts skipped a beat: At the one end of the rainbow their family was drawn and underneath there were words written, in child-like script:  ‘Mum’, ‘Dad’ and ‘Lucas’.  At the other end it said: ‘Haley’ and girl at the age of a teenager smiled upwards. Next to her there was a chest.
“Someday I’ll find it.”, Lucas announced proudly because

‘[…] there might be a treasure at the end of the rainbow’ and she was his one.

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